Friday, August 12, 2016


Because I've posted Studio One stuff here about a thousand times, I haven't bothered to look for anything else for a while, not because there isn't a lot out there but because there's so much of it that you have to give it a rest at some point. Or not. Tonight I was in the mood, and I ran into a page with over a hundred Studio One cuts. If you're familiar with the label, you already know that a second wasted here reading any crap I'm writing is a second you could be spending listening to good music. You are excused.

If you aren't familiar with Studio One, get with it, man. Just consider them one of the most important reggae labels of all time and you're off to a good start. From the late fifties, through the seventies and beyond, from R & B, through ska, rocksteady, reggae, DJ stuff, and all sub-genres in between, label owner Coxsone Dodd churned out quality shit, and when he was done with that he churned out more quality shit. Studio One was like Jamaica's Stax, Motown, Chess or Sun. And there's a lot of it. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who's heard all of it. Although by now someone must have put together a complete Studio One discography, the last time I checked, not one person knew of all of Dodd's releases, not even Dodd himself when he was still alive.

Part 2 can be seen here.

The songs at Internet Archive are almost all early, some from vinyl copies with audible surface noise. If you're expecting some sanitized remastered stuff, you're in the wrong place. That's kind of missing the point. Jamaican studios were rather funky in comparison to the fancy shit in the states, and their record pressing operations were even funkier. I'll take a loss in fidelity any day if it reminds me of the less than perfect conditions that something was recorded in.

Sound Dimension - Time Is Tight mp3 at Interne1 Archive
Roy Richards - Another Thing mp3 at Interne1 Archive
The Skatalites - Exodus mp3 at Internet Archive
Dennis Alcapone - Power Version mp3 at Internet Archive
Reggae From Studio One at Internet Archive NOTE: Scroll down to where it says "Download options" below that click on "VBR MP3". 105 cuts.

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