Thursday, July 14, 2016


Right in the middle of a Venn diagram, where the Cramps, the Heartbreakers and the Ramones intersect, right there you'll find the Nomads. Throw in a little Gun Club, a little Stooges, you get the idea. Sort of. But where the Nomads really succeed is their ability to make any cover, and they've done many, sound like a Nomads song. And their choice in covers is awesome.

Here's where I get off. Check their first LP, Outburst, streaming at YouTube. Blast it in the ol' cubicle. That LP was a random pick in an import bin, a chance purchase I made when it first came out years ago. I bought it based on the covers that they did, and it ended up a serendipitous milestone. I've been digging the Nomads from the first notes that I heard, and that was decades ago. I can't say that about many bands. Outburst was that good.

It's hard to find downloads of their stuff online, and that's the only reason you haven't seen them here repeatedly. But I just ran across a good one. The She Pays the Rent EP (linked under "The EP" below) is a bit of a hassle to download and unzip, but it's worth it, trust me. The Lyres' original of the title song is down there too, so you can hear what they do with a cover. That's not to say that their own songs aren't hot shit too. In fact, it's near impossible to find a something even questionable. Their collective shit don't stink.

You have to check out the video above, from a concert celebrating their twentieth anniversary of being a band. (That was in 2001. They've recorded as recently as 2012. That's dedication.) The clip has them with Chris Bailey from the Saints,  doing "Stranded". Fu-huck yeah. I don't care if it's twenty years on, that warms the ol' cockles. Check out the other video linked below, same concert with Wayne Kramer and Jello Biafra doing "Kick Out the Jams". Yeesh. Then, a couple old in-studio live things.  "Real Gone Lover" slays me. As does "She Pays the Rent". Hell yeah, horns and all.

The Nomads - I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time
(streaming) at YouTube The Third Bardo cover
The Nomads - Boss Hoss
(streaming) at YouTube Sonics cover
The Nomads - Wimp
(streaming) at YouTube Zeros cover
The Nomads - She Pays the Rent (streaming) at YouTube Lyres cover
The Lyres - She Pays the Rent (streaming) at YouTube
The Nomads - More than 50 songs! (streaming) at YouTube
Their first LP
The Nomads - Outburst (Full LP)
(streaming) at YouTube
The EP:
The Nomads - She Pays the Rent EP (zipped download) at All I Want
Nomads 20th Anniversary - Kick Out the Jams, Hultsfred 2001 at YouTube With Wayne Kramer and Jello Biafra 2001
The Nomads - She Pays the Rent (Live in studio) at YouTube 1985
The Nomads - Real Gone Lover (Live in studio) at YouTube 1985
The Nomads - Three more songs (Live in studio) at YouTube 1985

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