Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Dear rodents, please take note. For the next few days I will be moving all of my earthly possessions to new digs, an apartment two doors down. This might seem like a quick task, but you should see my earthly possessions. I've lived in the same place over half my life, so there's quite a bit of it, nearly all devoid of any real monetary value. At one end of the spectrum, you have vinyl, about ten percent of which have those clear protective covers on them, like your granny's couch. I'm assuming there's some value there, because the plastic sleeves would indicate specialness for one reason or another. At the other end of the value spectrum you had a 8" length of a 2x4. Saved because, who knows, you may need a 8" length of a 2x4 sometime. In the middle of the spectrum you have an awful lot of valueless cool shit. To wit, in a box of unrelated stuff, I had a sleeveless totally scuffed and unplayable 45 of the Premieres' cover of Don and Dewey's "Farmer John". The one with their faces on the label. That's probably the reason I melted a whole in it at the top. I'd given up on playing it and just thought I should put the Premieres up on that there wall. In another box, again, loose with other shit, sleeveless and unplayable, the Sonics' "Boss Hoss" It did not have a added hole in it in which to hang. At that point I'd probably realized that there was a big ol' hole in the middle of the record that I could hang it from. Apparently, I've learned a lot in the years that I've been here.

This was supposed to be short post to say that, in the next few days, posts will be short so I can plow through this shit. But my intent is to at least check in. I may miss a day, but that's what the two thousand other posts are for (really, last time I checked, there were over 2,200 posts). Bear with me. If I find dupes of anything cool, I may have a free raffle or something.

The Sonics - Boss Hoss (streaming) at YouTube
Don and Dewey - Farmer John mp3 at Rock Town Hall
The Premieres - Farmer John at YouTube American Bandstand


espen E. said...

:) Happy moving Tom! Bigger digs (and room for more junk)? Being a hoarder sure is hard work, but we are what we are (and not to one-up your 8 inches of 2x4, but I've got several stray 12 foot lenghts of 2x8 in the neighboring room… next to a stack of bricks and a pile of reclaimed wooden flooring. But hang on to that piece of wood Tom – I’m sure you'll live to see its destiny be fullfilled someday.)

Also; pleased to hear about you not having plastic covers on your 90% of your records; in keeping with punk ethos and a sign of sound mental condition.

Keep it edgy!


Tom G. said...

Thanks E, unfortunately moving into smaller digs. So time to prioritize. The beat up Sonics 45? Keep. Old dress up clothes worn once for that wedding years ago? Dump. It's going something like that. Thankfully the cool stuff (records, CDs, books, art/posters/flyers) take up little room compared to the amount it gets used. And thankfully, I'll always have enough space on my living room floor for visitors passing through. Truthfully the place I'm leaving has needed new paint and carpet for at least ten years. It'll be nice starting fresh, but this moving shit is for the birds!