Sunday, June 5, 2016


If you live outside of the UK or France, there's a good chance that you may know of only one Vince Taylor song, if that. "Brand New Cadillac" was covered by the Clash, so you may have gone digging for it at some point, or you may have heard it on a rockabilly compilation. But I don't think you get a good idea of what Taylor was like from just one song. Even if you've heard several songs, I really think you gotta see him in action to fully appreciate his whole thing. Check the video below and the other one linked at the bottom. Dude's a gyrating machine, with all sorts of outlandish flourishes. It's kinda like the Roy Head "Treat Her Right" syndrome, wherein a song is good on it's own, but when you see it performed you it can what the fuss was all about back in the day. In Head's case it's a matter of agile dancing, ala James Brown. Taylor is a whole different monster. He arrived after rockabilly was already in full swing, and he had some catching up to do. He had to stand out some way. So he gyrates, thrusts all in your face, makes hand gestures like he invented them, rolls around on the floor, and that sort of thing. And he's also what you'd call handsome, in a lady killer sorta way. Pretty much Elvis, Chris Isaak and Lux Interior all rolled in one. This guy is a doozy.

Dig the video above. Check his emphatic fake punch at 1:40. The guy clearly thinks he's badass. Maybe he is. Doesn't matter that much. Either way, he is kind of a freak and that's good enough around here.

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