Tuesday, May 10, 2016


As if you need another good reason to dig around in old links, here's three, all found at Rising Storm. The updates over there have been slow in coming, but there's so much good stuff in the old posts, you won't get to all of it for a while anyway. There are two old posts there, from three years ago, both featuring Bay Area bands from the sixties, neither band having had any records out back when they existed, and both having unreleased recordings in the can when they split up. And both could be thought of as some sort of psyche, maybe not. That term gets thrown around a lot. Which brings up a personal grudge. Back when Public Nuisance had their first posthumous release a few years ago, Mojo magazine referred to them as something like the unheard San Jose version of the Stooges. I forget what else they said, but they laid it on thick. Enough so that I went out and bought it, without hearing them. And without seeing that image above. That alone would tell me that they weren't any sort of any version of the Stooges, They look more like the Monkees. That's not to say that they aren't good. They're excellent. But when you're expecting Stooges...

I's not sure what to think of Crystal Ship, so I won't bother much with them. There is a tweaked guitar solo with weird chord changes in "In Your Mind", but those vocals don't do much for me, nor do the lyrics. But the consolation for you: Los Macs, an unrelated band on another post. Oh yeah, now we're getting a little wacked. Mojo would call their "El Amor Despues de Los Veinte Ano" the Chilean Revolver or Sgt. Peppers. Whatever, no matter how derivative, it sounds good. And when was the last time you heard psych from Chile? What? This morning? Aw, go to hell.

Public Nuisance - Magical Music Box mp3 at Rising Storm Plus one more
Crystal Ship - In My Mind  mp3
at Rising Storm Plus one more
Los Macs - El Amor Despues de Los Veinte Ano mp3
at Rising Storm Plus one more

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