Wednesday, May 4, 2016


She's still at it folks. Kara, the young guitarist mentioned back in December then doing Freddie King covers, is back again on her guitar teacher's YouTube channel, tackling Albert King's "Born Under a Bad Sign". King's original happens to be a favorite of mine, after one spin back in the day making Cream's cover completely irrelevant. Back then, you'd be hard pressed to find a young guitarist drawing from King's version, which makes Kara's go at it all the more endearing. It's 2016, for crying out loud. Most of her friends are probably already obsessed with their phones.

Kara is something like ten years old. I'd have to go back and look at her earlier videos, but I think she's been taking lessons for roughly three years. That's practically a third of her life. Think about what the distractions must be like for a kid that age growing up today. Sticking with any interest for three years is a major achievement, and interest that few of your friends share? How can you not be a fan?

My hat's off to Kara, her guitar teacher, Michael Stevens, her dad Beau, who is also taking lessons, and her entire family, for being supportive and instilling a love for music that, thanks to young musicians like Kara, will carry on at least one more generation.

Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign mp3 at Feel Good Playlists
Cream - Born Under a Bad Sign mp3 at ATumblr (?)
Albert King - Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven mp3 at Passion of the Weiss
Albert King - Crosscut Saw mp3 at  Madison AMPS
Kara and her Dad - Unchained Melody at YouTube Three years ago, just getting wheels. Amazing progress, no? Watch it until the end. If it doesn't produce a smile, you've no heart.
More of Stevens's student videos at You Tube and some of the teach himself

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how cool to have a kid rock that hard