Monday, February 16, 2015


Is Waylon Thornton a well kept secret? Complete shit or mad genius? Derivative or the real thing? The missing link between Hasil Adkins and the Cramps, or the second cousin of the Wiggins sisters? I'm not really sure. There's not a whole lot written about him, not that I can find, so in terms of a back story, all I could dig up is that he's from Lake Butler, Florida, and recorded a bunch of stuff, some under his own name and some as Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands; the Heavy Hands being his wife, who plays drums, as in two drums. From his Facebook I've gleamed that he does art, and digs Danelectro guitars, monster stuff and Link Wray Then I scrolled down further, and saw a post of him introducing his newborn son, by his full name. The two middle names were "Wray Wilde".

His music is raw as all get out. I read that there's twenty albums, but I can't verify it. Shit, I never heard of him before last night. Here's the thing though, to make it even nuttier, as if in some bizzaro world, his online presence is primarily free music, posted by him. Thirteen albums, 120 songs. And there's hardly a thing written about him, not that I could find. Needless to say, this is a guy I can part with money for. But in another weird twist, it's harder to find anything of his to buy than it is to trip across the free stuff, that he himself posted.

None of the this stuff matters if his music doesn't stack up, but it does. I recommend starting where I did, the three songs that were posted at Augasm and two at Sonic Masala. From there, I checked out the instrumental album, Black Salt. There's some less crazed stuff on that one too. After that, for the last day and a half, I've been sampling randomly, sucked into some black hole of lonesome sounding acoustic stuff and DIY whatthefuckabilly. Dig it.

NOTE: Click on the downward pointing arrows, to the right of the song titles.

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