Friday, February 6, 2015


I don't have the slightest idea what it would be like hearing the Gun Club for the first time. I've heard them so regularly over the years I can't imagine what they would sound like out of context, so if you're not familiar with them, I'm not sure I want to ruin it for you. Imagine, if you will, the Stones without Jagger, with Keith in charge and untempered. Except they're an American band from Los Angeles, interpreting the blues in a much different way, and sound nothing like the Stones. You'll either dig them, or maybe think they're complete shit. I don't care. Much has been written about them and I don't feel like writing much, so I'm buggin' out early. If you feel like what reading what I wrote about Jefferey Lee Pierce a few years ago, you can check this post. If you already know them and haven't seen the documentary, Ghost On the Highway, there you go. It can be slow moving, but I've seen worse. I'm a wild man. I bent my spoon eating hard ice cream.

The Gun Club - Sex Beat mp3 at ATumblr (?)
The Gun Club - Jack On Fire mp3
at ATumblr (?)
The Gun Club - Ghost On the Highway mp3 at DK Presents
The Gun Club - For the Love of Ivy mp3
at ATumblr (?)
The Gun Club - Walkin' With Beast mp3 at So Many Records, So Little Time
The Gun Club - Like Calling Up Thunder mp3
at ATumblr (?)
The Gun Club - Mother of Earth mp3 at ATumblr (?)
Ghost n the Highway (Part 1)- Jefferey Lee Pierce/Gun Club documentary
at YouTube See the side bar on that page for parts 2-5

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