Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I know what you could use. A little old school wildness, all scratchy and stuff, right? Before tonight, all of the songs below were unknown to me, but, oh man, do they hit the spot.. Particularly that first one, "Nameless" by the Rockin' Rs, for a good reason, and for that I must warn you. The record is scratched, but not to a distracting degree. Assuming that you're the type that likes the occasional scratch or pop because it makes it seems like you're listening to vinyl, you'll probably dig it, I do, a lot. A rockin' late fifties instrumental, with what is just about the perfect amount of tolerable wear, But here's were it gets sticky. It may have occurred to you, as it has to me, that, once these records have been digitally captured, theoretically the digital version will not degrade further. So what? I'll tell you what. I'm not sure if you've yet suffered from digital scratch guilt, but let me tell you what to look out for, Don't start asking questions like "Why do we like worn records in the first place?" Obviously, those of us with vinyl know that wear is a sign that the record has been played,, and presumably enjoyed, a lot. But it is also a reminder that any physical object is subject to wear, and is therefore temporary. Even the biggest boulder, the hardest diamond, will someday be dust, Maybe we like scratched records because we're reminded that they won't last forever, Maybe we should hang our heads in shame, that we enjoy listening to recordings of scratched records on a computer of all things, or worse, a phone. Okay, forget all of that, because you know what? This music wasn't made for worry warts,

The Rockin' Rs - Nameless mp3 at Rocky-52
Rocky Holman - Wild Boy mp3 at Rocky-52
Jody Reynolds - Beaulah Lee mp3 at Rocky-52

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