Saturday, April 19, 2014


I don't have any kids, but a lot of my cronies do, but even as someone who doesn't, I still in awe of those years before "cool" becomes part of the decision making process. Kids, by and large, like something or don't. Until that age when peer pressure rears it's ugly head, the decision making process is simplified. Once what other people like becomes part of the equation, it takes years to shake it, if you ever do. So, since almost all of my friends with kids are into music, it's not uncommon for me to ask them what their kids listen to. So it was that I asked Espen, from the Better Men Than You, what his kids listen to. The reason is that his eldest, Isak, is the kid I mentioned several weeks ago as having done a school report on Moondog. Of course I'm going to be curious.

Turns out that they like stuff that involves robots, Godzilla, and "any song with 'Batman' in the title". Say no more. This is it. I may never get the chance to do this again...(exhale). It brings me great pleasure to say...,Isak, this is Link Wray:

Link Wray - Batman mp3 at Record Brother
Link Wray - Rumble mp3 at California Girls (?)
Other Batmans, both sufficiently tweaked::
Los Monjes - Batman mp3 at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban
De Maskers - Batman mp3 (via DivShare) at The Devil's Music 
Note: Once you get to DivShare, click on the small green "Download" button (Not the larger green one that says "Download now"), and scratch your head for fifteen seconds while the timer counts down. When the button reappears, you're good to go.
Link Wray - Rumble (live) at YouTube  1978
Link Wray - Rawhide (American Bandstand) at YouTube Late 50s, spitshined


espen e. said...

:) Nail(s) on the head Tom!

Been telling the little guys for years who the world’s best (and by far coolest!) string-mangler is – no contest; Wray is the way!

And: rewind to circa ’97, My band (the Tranceplants) actually supported Link, for his two only dates in Norway.

Also: can recommend swedish instro outfit Robert Johnson and the Punchdrunks – head honcho Rob is a BIG fan of LW – their band mantra is «Think Link!»… so if you manage to stumble across anything of theirs, be sure to check it out.


Tom G. said...

Listen to you father Isak!