Thursday, January 2, 2014


Here's an oddball. The Godfather of Soul and the Georgia Peach appearing together on, get this, Wheel of Fortune, and weirder, playing as a team. I haven't seen that show that much, but I didn't know they allowed teams, but I guess when you're playing against juggernauts Lee Greenwood and Weird Al Yankovic, you get a pass. It's just bizarre seeing James Brown say "Let's take an R". You could lay that line on a JBs track and stretch it out into one of those Parts 1 & 2 45 flips.

Hey, can somebody please tell me why the hell you would buy an vowel when the puzzle, as seen above, still has consonants left? Am I missing something? Chuck Berry would have guessed it right there, on impulse. Jerry Lee would have racked that shit up and used every consonant he could. Regardless, it's great to see these two together. This is just the highlights, all featuring the two all-timers. Ponder their combined discographies. Consider their combined egos. Now see them unguarded and genuine, humbled by the wheel.

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