Saturday, September 28, 2013


I just spent the better part of the last hour watching the thing below about the Fall. I've been a peripheral observer for years, but they've got thirty albums, and you better think twice about asking a true Fall fiend where to start, because a Fall fiend will go off. You'll expect an album title or two, but you'll get a half hour monologue about how great they are. So, up until now, I hadn't bothered.  I knew little about the Fall. After viewing the video, I now know even less. Which, in a weird way, is why what is good about them. They're confounding, rather Mark E. Smith is. That's one thing, dude was a coot way before his time. He's like that guy you know who drinks a lot and never lightens up. The sourpuss who's usually right about things, but doesn't really bring a whole lotta joy to the table. But, he keeps it interesting and that trumps a lot of other other things. Especially when you can do it for thirty seven years.

The Fall - Mr. Pharmacist mp3 at Plain or Pan 1986
The Fall - A Day in the Life mp3 at Beware of the Blog 1988
The Fall - Fifteen Ways mp3 at New Dust 1990
The Fall - Dr. Buck's Letter mp3 at Cargo Culte 2000
The Fall - Sir William Wray mp3 (via Kiwi6) at Another Dying Art Form 2013
This is telling (or not):
Songs the Fall Taught Us - 35 songs the Fall have covered at Beware of the Blog Merle Haggard, the Saints, Nancy Sinatra, the Monks, Deep Purple, Lee Perry, Mothers of Invention, Gene Vincent, Leadbelly, Dean Martin and others.
The Fall at Wikipedia
The Fall Online


Kevin Chanel said...

it's a great documentary. The Marc Riley interview is priceless.
As a Fall fan, the answer where to start is easy: This Nation's Saving Grace

Tom G. said...

Thanks for the short winded recommendatiom Crippler!