Saturday, July 27, 2013


Last night I was flipping around the TV and saw the opening credits of a movie. "American International Pictures" flashed on the screen, and that's all it took for me to hang around to see what movie it was. A.I.P. was known for low budget, straight to drive-in type movies, many directed by Roger Corman. They did put out a bunch of beach party and horror type movies, but a lot of their best were biker flicks and other assorted tales of rebellious drugged out dirtbags. Among the biker flicks were The Wild Angels, Devil's Angels, The Glory Stompers, and The Born Losers. Non-biker flicks included The Trip, Riot on Sunset Strip, and Wild in the Streets. Can you see why I stuck around? The movie last night was one I hadn't seen, Chrome and Hot Leather, a biker flick that had among it's cast, Marvin Gaye. (I know. What?) It wasn't the best movie, but it had sufficient genre corn. I've sat through worse. Here's one that was better, The Glory Stompers, from 1968, with Dennis Hopper.

The Glory Stompers (1968), with Dennis Hopper (the entire film), 

So, I was in the mood for some biker film soundtrack music. You know what that means. Time to dig out the old biker film soundtrack links. These have been posted before, but you may have missed them. They aren't going to go down as great art, but what the hell. Slap an iron cross on your shirt and stomp around your living room with a don't fuck with me attitude. They're perfect for that.

First, an obligatory Davie Allan selection:
Davie Allan & the Arrows - Cycledelic mp3 at Office Naps
And now, the main event:
Biker Soundtracks at The Big Bust Out - 13 full length LP downloads of biker movie soundtracks, in zip format. For the complete song listings, go to the Big Bust Out. I've just put those links down there for the lazy, hopped up, dropped out, filthy, sex crazed, aimless, leather clad hell heads that just don't give a damn about song titles.
Original Motion Picture Soundtracks:
Angels From Hell (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Born Losers (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Devil's Angels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Glory Stompers (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Hellcats (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Hell's Angels on Wheels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Hell's Belles (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Naked Angels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Outlaw Riders (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Psychomania (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Satan's Sadists (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Savage Seven (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Wild Angels (zip) at The Big Bust Out

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