Sunday, March 10, 2013


Try as I might not to take the bait whenever there's ballywho about some new hot shit band, I gotta bend this time because something good may come out of this one. The Strypes are a band from the Ireland that pretty much do the same sort of material, in the same manner that the Stones and other UK bands were doing in the early sixties, namely taking blues and R & B classics and pumping a little juice into them. They do a pretty decent job too, sounds kind of like the Hives doing the Stones. They're average age is sixteen. Yeah. That kind of bugs.

I could take two tacks here. One would be to bemoan the fact that it's been done before, and again, and again. The Stones and their ilk got their start playing their own souped up version of their musical heroes' music, right? Well, aren't these kids doing the same thing? Or is it a bigger crime to copy the copiers? You tell me. There's been an awful lot of bands in between the two that showed a particular reverence for that sound, so as far as copycat finger pointing goes, I'll pass. I gots but ten fingers.

The positive? When it all comes down to it, they are in fact a boy band. How is that a positive? I'd like to think that despite what all us seasoned know-it-alls may think of them, in a perfect world this is the sort of band that could change what teenyboppers listen to, and kill all that vapid shit. They could do just what the Stones did, get some of them to actually check out the source material. Nah, it'll never happen. You know it won't. It sounds too much like a script of one of those feel good movies.

The Strypes - Leaving Here mp3 at Aquarium Drunkard Go there to get it. 
The Strypes - You Can't Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover mp3 at Aquarium Drunkard Go there to get it.
The Strypes - Other songs (streaming) at their SoundCloud page
The Strypes - Route 66 at YouTube 
The Strypes - You Can't Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover at YouTube
The Strypes official site More music and videos 

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