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Good ol' Kogar, proprietor of Kogar's Jungle Juice has posted more volumes of Lux & Ivy's favorites. If you're not familiar with the series, it consists of songs that Lux Interior and Poison Ivy (of the Cramps) had, at one time or another, either included on their own mix tapes, mentioned as favorites in interviews, or covered. The fact that the series is now up to sixteen volumes says something about their passion for music, both in collecting and turning others onto their scores.

California State Mental Hospital, Napa, CA, 1978

The compilations are painstakingly put together by Kogar, not the band, through exhaustive searches, and he's not content with considering them finished. He's continually hunting down cleaner versions of the songs, and has begun the painstaking process of remastering compilations that have have long been "completed." A hat must be tipped in his general direction, because his intent is for these compilations to be free, and remain free, to be spread amongst other crackpot enthusiasts. Dig in folks, there's a lot of good stuff on these suckers.

First, a few from the tour guides:
The Cramps - Cofessions of a Psycho-Cat mp3
at Review Stalker
The Cramps - Let's Get Fucked Up mp3 at 8106
The Cramps - I Was a Teenage Werewolf mp3
at The Mad Makerel
The Cramps - Surfin' Dead mp3
at Indie Shuffle
The Cramps - Goo Goo Muck mp3
at Review Stalker
The Cramps - Human Fly mp3
at Review Stalker
The mixes:
NOTE: Linking to Kogar's posts so you don't miss the essential annotations:
Lux & Ivy's Favorites, Volume 6 (Remastered)
Lux & Ivy's Favorites, Volume 12 (Remastered) NOTE: The original download link Kogar posted for this Vol 12 is broken, and he later posted a new download link here
Lux & Ivy's Favorites, Volume 13
Lux & Ivy's Favorites, Volume 14
Lux & Ivy's Favorites, Volume 15
Lux & Ivy's Favorites, Volume 16
Previously posted:

Lux & Ivy's Favorites Volume 1 (Remastered) and link to Volumes 1-12
The Cramps - Drug Train at YouTube Filmed in 1978 Californial State Mental Hospital, Napa, CA
The Cramps - Hang Up (Live, Oslo, 2006) at YouTube
The Cramps - Hot Pearl Snatch at YouTube
The Cramps - on Beverly Hills 90210 (1996)
at YouTube Dancing with the devil here. 
Interview with Kogar at Kogar's Jungle Juice (Translated interview, originally appeared in Dig magazine.
Kogar's Jungle Juice - The blog
The Cramps Official site
The Cramps at Wikipedia

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