Monday, August 29, 2011


This one goes out to the Mystery Suggester, to whom I owe many debts, boss music notwithstanding. The latest thing I owe her for is for helping bury Die Antwoord in the Boss Ten, that little gadget on the top left of this page. It's automatically generated, so you can imagine my dismay at the presence of one random hip hoppish band that I wrote about months ago overstaying their welcome. The Mystery Suggester's two post suggestions, even with scant background info, managed to climb the chart, and as of this writing are at #1 and #3. Before I go any further, I should point out that, as there are no ads on this blog, I'm not all that concerned with hits. That is, unless it can bury said post for good, and give a tenth band, more representative of this whole shebang, a crack. I've been tempted to delete that post, just because it bugs me so much, but that would set a precedent, and pretty soon I'd be deleting posts all over the place. One more thing to add about the Boss 10. Have I told you visitors lately how proud I am of you, and the fact that you all seem to have well varied tastes? It makes me feel about as warm and fuzzy as I can handle, when I see reggae, rockabilly, punk rock, soul, surf, oddballs and what not, all mixed together like some sort of salad bowl of salaciousness. You guys rule. Every time I see a fat ass surge in hits from some tiny country, I just imagine someone running into this blog and devouring a bunch of the older posts. It makes me feel like this is all worthwhile. And Denmark, you especially rule (yes, I noticed). I've been meaning to dedicate a post to you, but I've got no idea where to find hot shit Danish sounds. I need a Danish Mystery Suggester.

Update 9/2/11 : Fuggit. Moved the Die Antwoord post to draft status. I'm sick of seeing them every time I go to the home page.

About the song below: it's another humdinger that has half the internet baffled. But it's my kinda stuff, and if I know the Mystery Suggester, she may well dig it too.

Pancho Villa and the Bandits - Ain't That Bad mp3 at Hell's Belles

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