Monday, August 8, 2011


Wow. The African music gravy train just keeps going. Three years ago I posted something about the then current onslaught of reissues of African music. It doesn't seem likely to let up anytime soon. Back then there were a handful of labels in the game, and now a few years later the diggers are taking it deep indie. Instead of doing the dirty work for compilations on established independents, they're starting to get into the game themselves. One such notable is Frank Gossner, a DJ and ultra digger, who has traveled Africa extensively. His buys often include records that even he, an expert in African music, hasn't heard of. He writes about his hunts, and scores, on Voodoo Funk. And the accurately named Awesome Tapes From Africa is getting ready to release their first reissue of music by Nahawa Doumbia. Check out their site; it's just what it's named. No frills, just rips of awesome cassette tapes from Africa. The styles vary, which makes it fun to go there and just snoop around. Two other sites you should check out are American Athlete and Mixtape Riot, both of which feature African music regularly.

Ebo Taylor - Atwer Aroba mp3 at American Athlete
Ebo Taylor - Victory mp3 at Mixtape Riot
Ebo Taylor - Mizin mp3 at Mixtape Riot
Ebo Taylor - Peace On Earth mp3 at American Athlete
Ebo Taylor - Nga Nga mp3 at American Athlete
Orlando Julius & His Modern Aces - Mapani mp3 at Slumberland Records
Orlando Julius and His Afro Sounders - James Brown Ride On mp3 at Arkitipintel
Orlando Julius - Home Sweet Home mp3 at American Athlete
Shina Willams & his African Percussionists - Agboju Logun mp3 at Mixtape Riot
C.K. Mann & Carousel 7 - Asafo Beesuon/Obaa Yaa Aye Me Bone mp3 at American Athlete
Nahawa Doumbia – Banani mp3 at Altered Zones
Colorful Environments at Voodoo Funk Visit site for track listing
Dancing Shadows at Voodoo Funk Visit site for track listing
Afro 45s - The Music That Makes You Happy at Dreams In Audio Visit site for track listing

The Psychedelic Aliens see their reissued LP for the first time
Voodoo Funk (Exclusively African)
Awesome Tapes From Africa (Exclusively African)
American Athlete (Often features African music.)
Mixtape Riot (Often features African music.)
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