Saturday, November 15, 2014


Any of you who happen to watch old reruns on MeTV may have run across old episodes of Emergency, a seventies era series about paramedics, produced by perpetual sourpuss Jack Webb. It actually holds up pretty well, but the draw, for me anyway,  is the backdrop of Los Angeles, in all of it's seventies glory: the neighborhoods, the storefronts, the gas stations, signage, the cars, all that vintage stuff. If the series is new to you, you may not know that Bobby Troup and Julie London are in it. Come to think of it, you may not know who Bobby Troup and Julie London are. Troup was originally a jazz singer and pianist, best known for writing "Route 66". London was a singer as well, and sultry as all get out. Both started acting, and at the time of these roles, were married to each other. The photo above is London, around '57, looking a lot like a Roxy Music album cover, n'est-ce pas? The photo below is their cosplay phase.

Check the video below of London singing her biggee "Cry Me A River", from the film The Girl Can't Help It. It's a crack up, Actor Tom Ewell's character, Tom Miller, comes home so loaded that, in every room he enters, he ends up running into London, looking sultrier in each successive room, at one point singing from his bed. That had to have the fifties kids thinking all sorts of things. If you haven't seen The Girl Can't Help It, consider it essential viewing. Not because of London, or star Jayne Mansfield. The movie has Little Richard, Fats Domino, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, in the best quality footage you're likely to see. Yeah. So quit standing around.

Julie London - Cry Me a River mp3 at David Fulmer (?)

Julie London - Cry Me a River at YouTube From The Girl Can't Help It
Bobby Troup - Route 66 at YouTude

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