Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Did you know there was an animation film of Tom Waits's "For No One " that dates back to 1979? I did not. Before computer animation, before CGI and all of that. Before MTV. It's hand drawn from film shot from different angles in a studio. It was made as a test for a new kind of animation process that Lyon Lamb Video Animation Systems was trying to sell. The site for the short film has the complete animated version and a short clip of the source film, of Waits in the studio with some sultry lady.  (YouTube links for both are below). 

That got me poking around for accompanying stuff. I was jazzed to find that the posting of Waits's set at the San Diego Folk Festival (1974) is back online at Captain's Dead. The set is great, particularly if you like his early stuff. It's just him, no band, and it's raw, but really well recorded with a lot of good between song patter, His disparaging remarks about VWs in the intro to "Looking For the Heart of Saturday Night" are yuk worthy. And any of you from San Diego who remember the Greyhound Depot of yore, will appreciate his description of those glory days in the intro to "Depot Depot", There's a few other things below too.

Tom Waits - New Coat of Paint mp3 at Missy Oshimura (?)
Tom Waits - I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You mp3
at Sensuous Summons
Tom Waits - Bad As Me mp3 at In All Caps
Tom Waits - Three more songs at In All Caps
The live set:
Tow Waits - San Diego Folk Festival, 1974 at Captain's Dead 11 songs, go there to get them.
Tom Waits - For No One (anitmated)
at YouTube
Tom Waits - For No One (source clip for above)
at YouTube
Tom Waits on Fernwood Tonight , 1977 at YouTube This is great. Stick around for the interview.
Tom Waits - San Diego Serenade
(live) at YouTube
Tom Waits For No One
The story behind it, sketch books, clips, etc.

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