Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ever had one of those songs the won't leave your head? My most recent is the sucker below, George Baker Selection's "Little Green Bag." I ran into it on an excellent post, at the Adios Lounge, deconstructing Sir Douglas Quintet's "She's About A Mover," citing similar beats and bass playing styles. The guy over there, Lance, is nuts about Doug Sahm, which is great because I need to be more edumicated about Tex-Mex stuff in general.

Where was I? Oh yeah, "Little Green Bag" is one of those genre evaders I dig so much. Though the chorus does have a beat similar to Tex-Mex stuff, that's only one part of what gets me. The intro, the cool vocals, the simple lead, and the mysto "where the fuck has this been hiding?" feel, all kind of bombarded my subconscious shuffle list. All I know is that the band is Dutch, the song is from 1969, and it was used in Reservoir Dogs. l haven't been able to find anything else that they did that was as cool, which is fine. I don't need context to complicate things. (Perhaps this is their "Misssissippi Queen," and Baker's off somewhere commiserating with Leslie West.)

George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag mp3 at The Adios Lounge

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Charitart said...

Love this song. It is almost amazing it didn't become more popular because it is so good. I was just talking about this song a couple weeks ago. My mom had the 45 from when she was young, and it was one of her records that I listened to on my Crayola Crayon Box record player when I was really little. Of course years went by and I forgot about it until it popped back up in "Reservoir Dogs," like you mentioned. I still don't think it got the recognition it deserved after that. I also noticed the zooming in on the girl's purse in the video. Don't think that is the kind of bag they are referring to. Good post.