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I remember the first person who I heard about Terry Reid from. Actually, now that I think about it, it's the only time I've ever had a conversation about Reid. That wouldn't be all that surprising if he was some sort of complete unknown and was just now being unearthed, but that's not the case. The conversation happened when I was in my teens, decades ago, and I've heard not one peep in conversation since. Unfortunately, it came from my friend's younger brother who was a complete dick, so I didn't bother following it up. The crazy thing is that I have conversations about music with knowledgeable music fiends every day and since that first mention the topic of Terry Reid has never come up again, not once. How is that possible? The funny thing is, I know exactly what friends of mine are fans of Reid even though the subject has never come up. Anglophile music freaks that are into sixties stuff, know a lot about music and are probably a musician themselves. The majority of them play guitar. I can think of a half dozen friends that fit that description in the time it took to type this sentence. Actually eight by the end of it. It's shit ass bad luck that Reid's name doesn't come up more. He deserves better. In 1968, Aretha Franklin said "There are only three things happening in England: the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Terry Reid". Yeah.

At Glastonbury Fayre (1971), David Lindley on lap steel.

What started this all was hearing a later 2004 song, "Secret". What struck me is how much his voice sounds like John Fogerty in parts. Not in all of it, he hits a few high notes that Fogerty would never hit. There's a couple early cuts down there too, where the fuss all began. Check the documentary trailer, see who his better known fans are. There's a few other things about him too. Now I gotta go talk shop with one of those guys.

Terry Reid - Secrets mp3
at Internet Archive 2004
Terry Reid - Superlungs My Supergirl mp3
at The Rising Storm
Terry Reid - Things to Try mp3
at The Rising Storm
Superlungs - A Terry Reid Documentary (trailer)
at YouTube
Terry Reid Beat Club - Live 1969
at YouTube
Good read:
Even Superlungs has to pay the pawn shop
at Washington Post

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