Sunday, October 2, 2011


I just saw some of the new Ken Burns Documentary about prohibition, and it had quite a bit about Carrie Nation, the satiric namesake of the fictitious band the Carrie Nations, from the Russ Meyer film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. You know what that meant. I went digging. In the film, the band is portrayed by Cynthia Myers and Dolly Read, two ex-Playmates, and Marcia McBroom, a fashion model. They lip sync songs that were actually sung by Lynn Carey, the lead singer of the band Mama Lion. If you wonder why you've never heard of Mama Lion, it's because they were kinda lame (ergo, the Carrie Nations are kinda lame). Though, years removed from first hearing Carey's voice and dismissing it, I like it now, but probably for the wrong reasons. When she's adding emphasis, her inflections are so over the top, they're almost comical. I was going to point out a few, but they're all over the place; so omnipresent that you can't miss them. She's got that "amateur karaoke singer getting the opportunity to sing the national anthem at a sporting event" thing going on. Check out the Carrie Nations and Mama Lion cuts below and see if you hear it.

I gotta say, it was nice to hear the Carrie Nations cuts without the distraction of a moving image, especially in Russ Meyer's style (typically full of quick edits and top heavy women). In a semi-interesting aside, one clip of the Carrie Nations from the film, was copied shot for shot by the Pipettes for their song "Pull Shape" (both clips linked below).

The Carrie Nations - Look On Up At The Bottom mp3 at Cud
The Carrie Nations - Sweet Talkin' Candy Man mp3 at Cousins Vinyl
The Carrie Nations - Find It mp3 at Four Four
Mama Lion - Mister Invitation mp3 (via DivShare) at Thirty Days Out
Mama Lion - Wildcat mp3 (via DivShare) at Thirty Days Out
Mama Lion - Sister Sister She Better Than A Man mp3 (via DivShare) at Thirty Days Out
Mama Lion - Two more cuts (and profile) at Thirty Days Out
The Carrie Nations - Sweet Talkin' Candy Man at YouTube
The Pipettes - Pull Shape at YouTube
Mama Lion - Candy Man (German TV, 1973) at YouTube
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls at Wikipedia
Review of the DVD release of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls at DVD Drive-In

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