Sunday, October 26, 2014


Okay you party planners, you've got your work cut out for you. You've got less than a week until your Halloween shindig. If you're in need of a soundtrack to all of your hijinks, that part of your to-do list is about to be taken care of. Reverend Tom Frost, the former host of Spread the Good Word, and a damn fine musician in his own rite, is keeping the tradition alive. Every year he puts together a Halloween mix or two, and this year he's posted his twentieth. I know, one mix might just get you through a an hour or two. Fear not, all twenty mixes are online, so you're covered. If you dig oddball, raunchy, creepy, swinging, reverb drenched and rockin' sounds, you needn't go further. The Reverend's Halloween mixes are the standard by which all others are judged,

The mixes are now posted at Mixcloud, and are streaming. I'm sure some of you more technologically eggheaded folks can stream them through your living room sound system, or get a laptop run a bunch of wires all over the place. There's ways you can download them, via a download program. If you're gonna go that route, you may want to check this one at CNet. (I haven't tried it, so I don't know how safe or reliable it is, but it's been downloaded 11,000 times and it's still online.)

Reverend Frost is no slouch, his own music is good stuff as well. Gravelly, roots type stuff, loosely drawn from surf, rockabilly, and country, with some reverb and distortion to taste. Check the links below the mixes. It's some dynamic sounds, man.


The mixes (song lists at each link):
NOTE: The links are at the bottom of each post, under the song listings
Bloody Halloween Mix 20 (couldn't find the list on this one)
Bloody Halloween Mix 19
Bloody Halloween Mix 18
Bloody Halloween mix 17
Bloody Halloween mix 16
Bloody Halloween mix 15
Bloody Halloween mix 14
Bloody Halloween mix 13
Bloody Halloween mix 12
Bloody Halloween mix 11
Bloody Halloween mix 10
Bloody Halloween mix 9
Bloody Halloween mix 8
Bloody Halloween mix 7
Bloody Halloween mix 6
Bloody Halloween mix 5
Bloody Halloween mix 4
Bloody Halloween mix 3
Bloody Halloween mix 2
Bloody Halloween mix 1
From the Reverend:
Reverend Tom Frost - Malaguena mp3 at Spread the Good Word
Reverend Tom Frost - A Bloody Life (streaming) at YouTube
Reverend Tom Frost - Dust to Dust
(streaming) at YouTube
Reverend Tom Frost - More samples of his music
at Rev. Tom Frost
Reverend Tom Frost
- Official site

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