Wednesday, October 19, 2016


You want to know where all those songs on all of those garage compilations come from? The songs by some band that never made it, that you never heard of, but might have made a few really good records, or maybe just one? There were just too many of the same sort of band, in too many regional scenes, for all of them to stand out with their contemporaries. The Waistcoats will be one of those bands twenty years from now. You might check out the songs below and, despite them being good, later forget all about them. Even though they're "how come no one's ever told me about these guys?" good, finding much of anything about them online is tough. Does that mean that they're not worthy? Certainly not if the songs below are any indication. But, short of those in the know back when they were active (late 90s through roughly 2014), or perhaps only those in their native Groningen, Netherlands, no one seems to have noticed them, or at least anyone that would've been so kind as to hep me to them. In fact, the only evidence I could find of recognized credibility, beyond compilations with like minded bands, is a Liam Watson (Toe Rag) produced split 45 with Thee Headcoats. Hell, that crappy photo above is the best one I could find, and I'm not even sure it's them.

What do the Waistcoats sound like? That first one down there, "It's Not True" sounds like the Byrds meet the Who, with a couple good guitar freakouts. It actually sounds better than that description. This one kinda proves my point. Excellent record. 500 copies pressed. A crime, and the reason why so many bands go unheard. But you can bet that someday collectors will handing over whole paychecks for it, if they aren't already. The next two songs are surf type instrumentals. Already thrown off. What kinda band is this anyway? Check the videos. Shitty quality, but it is apparent that they have the vocal harmonies thing down pat. Dig that first live video one. Film that in black and white and it's the Beatles at the Cavern, except it's in some sort of all ages venue, and by all ages I mean old farts with kids running all over the place. Who knows, maybe it was one of those "So this is what it's come to" sort of gigs. Well, Waistcoats, chin up. You've come a long way baby, and now you're in front of twenty six Trastos readers. Live it up.


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