Tuesday, May 24, 2016


If you're not familiar with Moondog, a brief description would be of a musician, poet and composer. One who sold his wares on the street in New York City, was blind, homeless, and wore capes, sandals and a viking helmet. Yeah. "Just another freak" you say? Shut your jaded trap for a second and check out some outstanding shit.

Here, from a Kickstarter page for a documentary, all sorts of factoids wrapped up in one nifty blurb:

"Charlie Parker and Benny Goodman hung out with him. Philip Glass lived with him, Janis Joplin covered his music, Allen Ginsberg stuck it on his fridge, Diane Arbus took his picture and Andy Warhol’s mother designed one of his album covers. Merv Griffin interviewed him, Lenny Bruce shared the bill, ..."

And that's just the teaser. There's more than one good profile online, an excellent one to start with is the one at Priceonomics, a marketing site of all places. You can hear 2 1/2 hours of assorted audio at WFMU, or his eponymous LP from 1969. Assorted other goodies are down there too. I'm feasting over here.

Moondog - Dog Trop mp3
at ATumblr (?)
Moondog - Stomping Ground mp3
at Le Biglemoi
Moondog - Surf Session
(streaming) at YouTube
Janis Joplin -  All Is Loneliness (streaming) at YouTube Moondog cover
Full LP:
Moondog - Moondog (streaming) at YouTube Entire LP, 1969
The radio show:
Moondog special: Explorers Room with Flash Strap at WFMU 2 1/2 hours, streaming, May 19, 2016
The Genius of Moondog, New York’s Homeless Composer at Priceonomics Excellent profile with song samples.
The Viking of 6th Ave - Kickstarter page
Moondog at Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another gem dude

Tom G. said...

Whoever you are, I'm glad you dug it. You may have noticed that there's certain bands and artists that pop up repeatedly here. It's partly because a lot of people don't check out older posts and there are certain people, Moondog is one, that I think people should know about.

Anonymous or not, keep piping up. Comments, good or bad, at least let me know I'm not pissing into the wind!