Friday, December 18, 2015


Because you need a little yuletide WTF, here's the Blue Star Chorus. That's right, chorus. And, no, these guys don't back a chorus, let alone a single singer. Their "Silent Night" is a Ventures-like instrumental. Not entirely an odd take, but the record cover that contains it pretty much takes care of that. It's kind of uncool to make fun of things, but it is not uncool to point out that there is an errant apostrophe between the "X" and "mas", that the Christmas tree is tilted, the uke player is sitting on his ass, the drummer is out front, the seated guitar player doesn't give enough of a shit to look at the camera let alone hold his guitar. No, I'm not pointing those things out to make fun of the sleeve. Au contraire, the sleeve is brilliant. Accidental brilliance perhaps, but it's doubtful that even one of your garden variety ironic hipsters could dream that shit up.

The Blue Star Chorus is from Taiwan. But, you ask, what would Christmas sound like in India? I'm glad you asked that question. In India it would sound much like Christmas music from the west, except with sitar. Because if you want to hook those looking for authentic Christmas music from India, sitar is a no brainer. Jayran Achary knows that. Our last stop on this mini tour is Ghana, home of Pee Wee Dynamite, who knows how to sound regional, seasonal, and get you to shake your ass. His "A Groovy Christmas and New Year" is a solid jam, the best of these three. Ass shaking always wins.

Blue Star Chorus - Silent Night
at Radiodiffusion International Taiwan
Jayran Achary - Santa Clause Is Coming to Town mp3
at Radiodiffusion International India
Pee Wee Dynamite - A Groovy Christmas and New Year mp3
at Voodoo Funk Ghana

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